Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Many Aspects of Feline Health Care

Pets bring so much into our lives. But when your cat gets sick, it can’t tell you how it feels or if something hurts. Veterinarians have the knowledge and abilities to take care of your pet and diagnose what is going on so they can move forward with treatment as soon as possible. Here are some of the methods a vet can use to find an illness in your cat.

Cats need full physicals just like people. Checking its temperature and listening to its heart and lungs could alert to an infection or other respiratory or cardiac issues. In the physical, the veterinarian will also look into your cat’s eyes, ears, nose and throat to look for any abnormalities. Also, they will feel for any type of lumps under the skin that could be cause for concern.

Another type of method a vet can use would be to take a sample of blood and run some tests. These can indicate what is going on chemically within your feline friend’s body, and detect diseases or other issues with their internal organs. Many times, a urine sample will also be taken to make sure their urinary tract isn’t the cause of the sickness.

X-rays can be a very useful tool for diagnosing problems. Not only is it essential for traumatic injuries to determine if there are any broken bones, but this method can also be used to identify blockages in the intestinal tract, among other needs.

In addition, a test can be done to check for parasites in your cat’s intestinal tract too. If you have an indoor cat, you can bring a sample from the litter box as long as it is not too old. Your cat will thank you for performing that task too.

Cats are wonderful additions to the family. When they get sick, veterinarians have many methods at their disposal to ascertain what is going on, and start your kitty on the way to recovery. Once the problem is identified, your cat may need medicine or other help to start to feel better. Yearly appointments at your vet can also pick up small problems before they turn into something more serious. It is important to take your cat on a regular basis for preventative medicine to keep it thriving in your family home for many years.

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