Saturday, 21 November 2015

Savvy Pet Owners Spay Their Dogs


With the amount of puppies and dogs out there that do not have homes, it is important to make sure your dog is protected. Dogs can have really large litters of up to ten or more puppies, and require a lot of money and care to feed and keep healthy. It is important to know the ways to prevent an unwanted pregnancy in your dog.

1. Get Your Female Dog Spayed

The best option is to get her reproductive organs removed to eliminate any possibility that she may get pregnant.

2. Ensure Your Fence Is Intact

Male dogs can be very persistent when your dog is in heat and can dig holes or squeeze through vulnerabilities in a fence very quickly.

3. Keep Her Inside When She Is in Heat

This is certainly not optimal and can create a lot of extra cleaning. If she is used to being outside a lot too, she could be destructive in the house as well.

The best way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy in your dog is to take her to your veterinarian and get her spayed.This is optimally done at around six months of age before her first heat. Visit this website for a great spay and neuter clinic in Santa Cruz.

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