Sunday, 22 November 2015

Dogs Will Swallow the Strangest Things


Some dogs make a habit of swallowing indigestible items. You’d think they would be satisfied with food, water and the occasional dead animal, but, no, they have to venture into the impossible and swallow things like stinky socks, valuable coins and your child’s favorite stuffed animal. If your dog swallows something strange and is showing signs of distress, take him to the vet right away. How do you know if your dog swallowed the wrong thing?

1. Look for evidence around his mouth.

String or thread hanging from his teeth could be from a sock. Bright colors on his lips or chin may be from a marking pen or paint.

2. Are you missing something around your house?

If your dog is known for swallowing weird stuff, he may be the culprit. If you’ve looked everywhere to no avail, it’s possible the dog swallowed it.

3. Is he foaming around his mouth or writhing in agony?

He may have swallowed poison or another toxic substance. Let the vet know you have an emergency and rush him to the clinic.

If you know your dog has a penchant for swallowing the impossible, try to prevent future incidents by keeping foreign objects out of his reach. Visit this website for more information about vet clinic for dogs in San Jose.

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