Sunday, 22 November 2015

Learn Common Signs of Reptile Illness

Many folks assume that reptiles are easier to care for than furry pets, but reptiles are sensitive and can get sick. Reptile owners need to find a veterinarian who is skilled at caring for them. Knowing when to take your reptile to the vet is very important. Here are some signs to watch for.

1. Is the skin normal?

A healthy reptile will have skin that looks full and well hydrated. Sick reptiles may have dry skin with extra creases, and the color will appear dull or different than normal.

2. Is it eating more or less than usual?

Reptiles may change their eating habits seasonally, but if you notice a sudden change in their food intake they could be unwell. Change in food preferences can signal a nutrient deficiency.

3. Is it behaving as usual?

If your reptile’s energy level is abnormal, or it is acting strangely, he could be unwell. Watch for behaviors such as excessive digging or scratching, spending more time in the warmest or coolest part of his enclosure and the onset of aggressive behavior in a normally passive animal.

Taking your reptile to the vet for annual checkups is the best way to know if he is healthy. Be watchful, and if you notice signs of illness take him to the veterinary clinic. Visit this website for more information about reptile vet in San Jose.

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